The Strober name has been synonymous with incomparable workmanship and quality services for over nine decades and four generations.  Today with our dedication to safety, continued training, and industry participation, Strober Roofing and Maintenance is up to date on the latest techniques, technologies, and products involved in the construction, roofing and solar industries. This commitment and experience has allowed us to cover a vast range of customer needs and provide us with the tools to ensure our clients are provided with unparalleled quality.



 Office -                         908-399-3618

Steve Strober -             718-598-1132

Clint Strober -               201-899-0132

Company Profile


        The owner and founder of Strober Roofing and Maintenance has over 35 years of experience and personally ensures that every aspect of every job is completed with equally exceptional quality. Strober Roofing and Maintenance is committed to insuring every job is done in a professional, timely manner. Whether its a repair, new roof, solar or metal project, we make the customer's satisfaction our number one priority. Every job is accompanied by a member of the Strober family to ensure customer satisfaction.

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